Advertise a bid

Looking to advertise a project? No problem! Get your project posted in no time and to thousands of suppliers.  Advertise today on bids&tenders for $375 per bid.  


Supplier pay

bids&tenders supplier-pay allows your organization to get up and procuring, evaluating and awarding contracts in no time and at little to no cost.


Buyer pay

bids&tenders buyer-pay clients can utilize our full eProcurement platform at an affordable rate, while providing access to opportunities at no cost to suppliers. 

What do you get?

Bid management

Features Supplier pay Owner pay

Publish bids



Manage supplier questions, generate draft addenda

Create, copy and start from project templates

Post public, private or prequalified projects

Digitally seal projects to accomplish a two-envelope process

Auto schedule projects to be posted in the future

Ensure compliance submissions with our bid compliance checker

Project Snapshot with customizable widgets

Track, review, and export complete audit files

Online submissions

Features Supplier pay Owner pay

Easily create custom online forms

Guided workflow ensures you don't publish incomplete projects

Online supplier acceptance of addenda, declarations and conflicts of interest

Copy previously created forms

Determine mandatory vs. optional requirements

Automated bid analysis for pricing, specs, questions and references


Features Supplier pay Owner pay

Custom evaluation teams at each stage

Custom criteria, scoring and weights

Automated reminders to evaluation teams

Real-time reporting on evaluator statuses

Consolidated scorecards and rankings

Contract management

Features Supplier pay Owner pay

Track contracts including term, options, warranties, and supplier performance

Automated notifications of expiring contracts

Automated notification of expiring documents (Insurance, Workers Health & Safety, etc.)

Keep track of purchase orders and change orders

eContract portal to manage and share documents with selected supplier

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