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Government of Yukon moves to digital procurement to support upcoming improvement and expansion projects

The Government of Yukon is modernizing the way they purchase goods and services by moving their procurement process online. The bids&tenders digital procurement platform will support them in their mission to support residents by expanding their community services.

Digital procurement will ensure the Government of Yukon can foster the growth of the local economy through future improvement and expansion projects. The bids&tenders platform will increase the efficiency of the overall procurement process, allowing the Government of Yukon to better address the community’s priorities and provide services that focus on local needs, interests and solutions.

The implementation of ebidding and other digital tools will give vendors the capability to submit responses to requests for information (RFI), requests for quotations (RFQ), requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for tenders (RFT), from anywhere. Suppliers interested in doing business with the Government of Yukon can create an account on their new bids&tenders portal to receive automatic notifications on relevant new opportunities to review.

The bids&tenders platform simplifies and automates administrative tasks required for transparency and auditability, saving the municipal staff time and resources to reallocate. The digital and streamlined process reduces procurement cycles by 35% and will only accept submissions that reach 100% bid compliancy. Contracts and reports are tracked and stored online, and bid comparison reports are generated automatically once bids close.

About the Government of Yukon

The Yukon is Canada’s smallest territory populated by approximately 40,000 residents. Home to 12 National Historic Sites of Canada, the Yukon attracts many tourists and is known for its beautiful, natural landscape. The Government of Yukon works to enhance the wellbeing of its communities and continues to support to growth of its economy and its population.