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Top 7 Procurement Trends for 2024

This article highlights the top seven procurement trends for 2024 that every organization and procurement professional should take note of. 


Supplier Performance Checklist

Download our step by step checklist to learn how to create a supplier performance process that is guaranteed to increase contract success and strengthen your supplier relationships. Get started today!


Conducting procurement debriefs is a win-win

Debriefs can be a win-win process for organizations, as long as they’re conducted effectively! Learn about why to conduct debriefs, what they include, and how to plan and present them. 


What are surety or performance bonds?

To protect against construction risk, you can use surety bonds, including performance bonds, and labour & material payment bonds. Here's a summary you can refer to!


How bids&tenders supports our clients

An important part of bids&tenders' commitment to bringing the entire procurement process online is ensuring that our clients and their suppliers are supported.


How to write an effective RFP

Writing a clear, professional RFP not only increases supplier uptake of your opportunity, but also results in more, compliant responses. Download this free resource for tips on writing an effective RFP. 


5 year-end procurement tips

To make the most out of your down time, you’ll want to tie up loose ends so you can start fresh in the New Year. Check out these 5 tips for wrapping up procurements and preparing for the new year!